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  • The NEW Arctic Ice Line by The Original Muck Boot Company!

    Coming Soon!... The NEW Vibram Arctic Grip Wet Ice Technology!

    Step up your game with the new Wet Ice Technology available in the Fall 2017!

    This groundbreaking technology ensures you have confidence in your next step by adding additional slip resistance with the new Vibram Arctic Grip Out-sole pods. The new Vibram Arctic Grip is the most advanced cold weather gripping system ever created, the harsh cold and ice of Winter are no match for the Wet Ice Technology. Check out some of the key features:

    New technology found only in Muck Boots!

    With so many features and benefits we make investing in your next pair of boots easy. Whether you are a Muck fan that likes getting all the newest styles or you're on the hunt for a new pair of dependable boots, we’ve got you covered!

    Looking for some sure footing before taking your next step?  Check out Men’s and Women’s boots available soon with the new Vibram Arctic Grip out-sole below!

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  • Caring for your Mucks- Pro Tips!


    With a change in season fast approaching, there's no better time to share the top tips for keeping your Mucks in great condition. From wearing to storing and everything between, read below for all you need to know!

    Wearing your Mucks:

    Certain features are particularly important when selecting a boot. Here are our tips for choosing the best Muck:

    Features: Make sure that you're selecting an appropriate boot for the uses you have in mind. Having boots that hide your scent from deer isn't going to do you much good on the construction site!

    Comfort Rating: You'll want to narrow your options using the temperature rating. This ensures that you're not freezing in the winter or sweating through the summer for optimal comfort.

    Boot height: Pick the boot profile that will best suit your needs AND your body.

    For instance, ladies with curvaceous calves may prefer a mid-height boot over a more constricting taller style. We have everything from sneaker-cut options to boots cut just below the knee. We understand that sometimes less is more, and sometimes more is just enough!

    You can find further information about choosing the right boot for you here:

    Pro Tip: Use the filters on the left side of the page when shopping for Mucks on our website.


    Washing your Mucks:

    Rinse your Mucks whenever they're exposed to salt or chemicals. Cleansing the exterior with warm water will generally suffice.

    Dish soap or mild laundry detergent and warm water is perfect for cleaning soiled or particularly "fragrant" boots. (You work hard...sweat's expected!)

    Don't use anything more than an extra-soft brush to scrub with. Hard bristles, steel wool, ETC., will damage the surface of your boots.

    Make sure you're using a sink large enough to immerse the boots (a utility sink or bath tub is best). Be sure to rinse them well when the scrubbing is done.

    The rubber upper on freshly-washed boots can be conditioned with wax polish or Armor All®.

    Pro Tip: To avoid the out-sole becoming slick in wet or icy conditions, we recommend staying away from the tread area with conditioners.


    Drying your Mucks:

    The key to a fresh scent once you've washed your boots is to dry them thoroughly before wearing them again. It's important to avoid exposing Mucks to heat. This includes boot dryers, clothes dryers, furnace vents, and direct sunlight. Such exposure can damage the natural rubber and cause the neoprene to break down. The best way to dry them is to lay them on their side and let nature take its course. You can use a fan blowing room-temperature air to increase circulation and quicken the process.

    Pro Tip: Damp/nearly dry boots may be stuffed with loosely crumpled newspaper to draw remaining moisture from the lining more efficiently than air-drying alone.


    Storing your Mucks:

    Make sure your Mucks are clean and dry before you store them for any length of time. If you don’t have wax polish or Armor All® around the house, you can apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly (like Vaseline) to the rubber portion of the boots. This will help keep the rubber supple and pliable, which prevents cracking.

    Pro Tip:  Keep the jelly away from the neoprene portion of the boots to prevent staining.

    Special Care for Leather Mucks:

    Leather styles are different than rubber styles. As such, they require different care. Use a clean cotton cloth, towel, or soft-bristled brush to wipe the leather clean. Use a wet paper towel to remove any dried water droplets, dirt, or mud, then wipe away any remaining water with a dry towel or cloth.

    Pro Tip: Using leather conditioner every now and again will help to keep them in great shape! Be sure to follow the conditioning product instructions for the best results.

    ltc-905m_hero ltc-904m_hero

    1-Year Warranty:

    If you purchased your Mucks less than a year ago, they are backed by a 1-Year Warranty to protect against manufacturing defects.

    If you bought your Mucks through us, we want to help! Give us a call as soon as you notice the issue so that we can best assist you. If you bought your boots elsewhere, the best first step to take is contacting the retailer directly.

    Simple Repairs:

    Let’s face it…no matter how well you care for your Mucks, they simply won’t last forever. Have no fear…if you experience minor tears, split seams, or unglued soles beyond the 1-year warranty period, we can provide a simple, cost-effective at-home repair option!

    Aquaseal™ is the recommended product to repair these types of issues. Available online and in larger hardware stores, Aquaseal™ is a waterproof, flexible adhesive that works well on rubber and neoprene. For the best results:

    Clean the area needing repair thoroughly with mineral spirits.

    For punctures or tears: apply the sealant over the affected area and wipe to a thin film.

    For detached soles: apply an appropriate amount of sealant to the contact points between the sole and the bottom of the boot, and apply firm, consistent pressure.

    Pro Tip:  Allow the sealant to air dry for at least 24 hours before you resume use of your Mucks.


    Taking proper care of your Mucks will help them last for seasons to come! Please give us a call with any questions you may have about the care, wear and tear, or repair  of your Mucks. We're always happy to help!

  • Men's Muck Boots- Christmas buying guide

    He is the provider, hard worker, and your number one fan. We know picking out the perfect gift can sometimes be a daunting task. No need to overwhelm yourself. We have taken the guess work out of your Holiday Shopping. As amazing as he is, he deserves a boot that will work as hard as he does, he deserves Mucks.

    Whether you are shopping for the man who loves the outdoors or the one who works more hours in a week than you can count, we have just the right boot for him. Function and comfort are our number one priority. Combine that with our price match guarantee and our guaranteed delivery by Christmas and you can check him off your list!


    The Hunter-  For him its more than a trophy, it’s a rite of passage!

    The Woody Plus is rated for -40 to 40 degree temperatures. This boot has ALL the features a hunter can wish for; Scent Masking, Wider heel breast for ladder climbing, and multi-directional traction just to name a few. He is sure to enjoy his hunt even more and thank you later!


    For the hunter in your life who hunts in warmer climates we would suggest the Woody Sport Cool II. This boot is loaded with amazing features such as; Xpress cool lining, anti-friction sock liner, and a Spandura upper just to name a few. The Woody Sport Cool II is rated for 40 to 95 degree temperatures.


    The Working Man- For him it’s all work and very little play!

    The Wellie Classic, a fan fave! The Wellie Classic is the classic leather work boot rated for 25 to 65 degrees.  This boot is available in a couple of colors as well as Comp toe. Crazy horse grain leather, gel-core cushioning, and additional Achilles support are just a few of the features of this 100% waterproof boot. Hard surfaces are not match for this boot.

    ltc-905m_hero lth-000w_hero

    The Muck Grit, a hard-working boot!  Rated for 25 to 65 degrees this boot will keep him comfortable all day! The angled topline gives him the freedom to move, the steel shank gives added protection and support while the aggressive outsole provides shock absorption and excellent grip on all surfaces. This style is also available with a Safety Toe.


    The Green Thumb- It’s because you him that you have the greenest lawn on the block!

    The Muckster II Ankle is a great choice for him. This style is rated for 25-65 degrees and is the ultimate 3 season boot. The sole gives it amazing traction for the yards and the breathable airmesh lining gives him the comfort he needs to get the chores done! This easy on and off style is also available in a Low cut version as well as camo.

    m2a-000_hero m2a-300_hero m2l-900_hero m2l-rtx_hero

    The Outdoors-men- Even in the cold he finds the outdoors enjoyable!

    For the man in your life who is always on the go we have some great cold weather boots to keep him warm and comfortable for all his tasks and errands.  He will be both stylish and productive in the Arctic Excursion Mid. This style is a play on an already popular boot, it now comes in Mid! Rated for -40 to 40 degrees with a warm fleece liner and available in Black and Brown. This is sure to be his new favorite go-to all-purpose outdoor boot.

    aep-000_hero aep-900_angle-3

    For those who live in warmer climates we have the Excursion Pro Mid which is rated for 40-95 degree temperatures. This style is available in Black, Brown and Camo. The Xpress cool lining wicks away moisture to ensure dry feet at the end of a long, busy day!

    frmc-000_hero frmc-900_hero frmc-mbi_hero frmc-rtx_hero


    No matter what style you choose he is guaranteed to love the comfort and function-ability of his new Muck Boots. We have sizing help on our website if you are unsure what size to get him.  All Muck Boots are 100% waterproof and come with a 1 year warranty!

    Shop today and we guarantee your order will be delivered before Christmas on orders placed by 12/14.

    If you’re still not sure what to get him check out our gift cards. They are the perfect gift and are delivered directly to your inbox, now that is easy gifting!

    Happy Holidays!

  • Muck Boot Christmas Buying Guide-The perfect gift for her!


    Here at we have taken the guess work out of picking the perfect Muck Boot for her this Christmas.  We know you have the best intentions of getting her what she deserves, we all know that task can be overwhelming. Don’t worry Santa, this year we got you covered. As amazing as she is, she deserves only the best, she deserves Mucks!

    Whether you are shopping for the woman who loves outdoors or the one that loves a trip out with the girls for a day of shopping, we have just the right boot for her. Functionality, Fashion and comfort are our top priority. Combine that with our price match guarantee and you just checked her off your list with the click of the mouse!


    The Huntress- For her it is all about the kill!

    The Arctic Hunter which is rated -40 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. This boot is nothing short of Amazing with the warm fleece lining, full camo and a slimmer design perfect for a women’s last. The Arctic Hunter comes with both Tall and Mid heights.



    The Equestrian- For her it’s all about riding!

    For the colder climates, we recommend the Reign Supreme which is rated for -20 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Perfect for the chilly Winter rides or barn chores with the Water-Resistant fabric and gripping tread out-sole. The Tall, slim profile makes this the perfect equestrian Winter boot!

    rmu-900_hero rmu-000_angle-3


    For the warmer climates, we recommend the Reign Tall which is rated for 40 -40 degrees. The Xpress cool lining keeps her comfortable and dry while the Heel kick and gripping tread outsole ensures she stays in the stir ups. She is sure to be full of excitement when she finds these under the tree.

    rgnt-900_hero rgnt-005_hero rgnt-404_hero rgnt-000_hero

    The Weekender- For her it is all about style!

    For the colder climates, we recommend the Arctic Adventure which is rated for -20-30 degrees. This boot is both stylish and functional. Chilly Winter days of errands are no match for this boot. The warm fleece lining and tall slimming look is perfect for the fashionable woman in your life. With so many colors to choose from the possibilities are endless!

    waa-901_hero waa-500_hero waa-4pld_angle-3 waa-000_hero


    For warmer Climates, we love the Hale. This boot is rated for 25-65 degrees. A self-cleaning, ribbed outsole means there is no mess to fuss with from walking through dirt and debris. These have an ease on/off pull tab are a great 3 season boot! 100% waterproof, 100% fashion!

    haw-5pld_hero haw-500_hero haw-msmg_angle-3 haw-4pld_hero


    The Working Woman- For her it is all work and no play!

    For colder Climates, we recommend the Women’s Wetland, this boot is rated -20 to 30 degrees. This is the perfect boot for the dirtiest of jobs. The breathable air mesh liner ensures proper air circulation while the bobbed contoured out-sole reduces weight. With a slimmer fit for a woman’s last this makes the toughest jobs easy!



    For the warmer climates, we recommend the Tack II available in both Mid and Tall height. A true 3 season boot for most climates; this boot is rated 25-65 degrees. This boot is versatile and perfect for most jobs she tackles. The durable out-sole means it is sure to last. She can easily rinse the Tack II clean with a hose and go about her day, because she already does so much, why should cleaning boots be on the to-do list?

    tk2m-500_hero tk2h-900_hero tk2h-404_hero tk2h-000_hero


    No matter which Muck Boot you choose they are all 100% waterproof and come with a 1 year warranty against manufacturers defects. At we make it easy to get her the boot she has always wanted! Order by 12/14 for guaranteed delivery in time sneak it under the tree before Christmas morning! 

    If you're still not sure what to get her check out our gift cards. They are immediately delivered to your inbox which makes them the perfect last minute gift!

    Happy Holidays!

  • Picking the right Muck Boot for you...

    What's the difference?

    A question we answer is a lot is “What is the difference between this boot and that boot?” It is a great question! With so many features and a few different price points there are times it can be overwhelming. Never fear, we are here to help!

    Let’s break it down- There are a series of questions one must ask themselves in order to choose the best Muck Boot;

    1. What temperatures are you wearing the boots in?
    2. What are you using the boots for? (work, hunting, yard work, casual)
    3. What boot height do you prefer?

    Once you have answered these questions you can narrow down the selection of boots on our website.


    The boots are going to be worn in a warm climate for farm and/or construction work. You prefer a tall boot. By narrowing down the selection on the right of you screen on our website you will get a page of boots that have the correct comfort rating (40-95 degrees). More than likely you will choose the Chore Cool Hi….just a lucky guess as it seems to be a fan favorite.


    Why does the temperature matter so much?

    Muck Boots are made for a wide range of temperatures, anywhere from -60 degrees all the way up to 95 degrees. It’s safe to say you wouldn’t want to wear a boot rated for 40- 95 degree temperatures while you are ice fishing.


    Does it really matter what I will be doing when I wear my Muck Boots?

    Why yes it does! Would you want a boot that has a gripping sole and assures you don’t have suction when walking through Mud? If so, the Wetland is perfect for you! How about the Vibram sole which offers the best slip resistance? This boot is great for many fields but shines when it comes to Food Manufacturing Plants or someone who uses the stairs a lot in slippery conditions.


    Other Features:

    Once you have the 3 basics figured out you can then decide what additional features would best suit your needs. For some the color is important for others they just want to be sure the boots can get the job done. Some other features offered on Muck Boots are:

    Steel Shank- This offers Arch Support, alleviates knee/hip pressure

    Met Guard- Protecting the foot from a heavy falling object

    Boot Liners- See our previous post:

    Scent Masking- For the hunters

    Snake Proof – For those in climates where snakes are common

    and so many more. As with any product the more “features” you add the more the price goes up. THAT is the difference in Muck Boots and their prices.

    What sets Muck Boots Apart from other boots?

    1. Muck Boots are lined with specialized liners to meet your needs
    2. Muck boots are a heavy duty work boots without being heavy and uncomfortable, they are made to last
    3. Muck Boots are made to fit like a sneaker (especially helpful if you step in Mud and as you step out your boot stays on your foot). Muck Boots should give your foot a gentle squeeze without being uncomfortable
    4. Most styles of Muck Boots are Unisex
    5. Muck Boots come with a 1-year warranty against manufacturers defects
    6. Muck Boots are a trusted brand

    We hope this helps you to pick the best boot to meet your needs. As always, if you have any questions or need help our Customer Service team is always happy to help!

  • Boot Liners

    Muck Boots come with a variety of features, one of the greatest is the "comfort rating." The comfort rating is determined by the type of liner the boots is made with. Muck Boots are made with 4 types of liners below we are mucking through each liner and it's benefits.

    Whether you need a work boot or hunting boot with a fleece liner, an Xpress Cool liner or something in between; there is a perfect Muck for you.

    Click on a photo to see more features about each boot.

    Xpress Cool Liner

    The Xpress Cool Liner is made for boots that are worn in warmer climates. The comfort rating on these boots is 40-95 degrees Fahrenheit. The Xpress Cool liner was designed to wick moisture caused by friction and sweat when wearing these boots in warm temperatures.

    This liner has anti-microbial properties that protect against bacteria, fungus and other micro-organisms. As the foot starts to sweat the liner quickly pulls moisture away from your skin. It then spreads the moisture across the boot lining to drier areas of the boot to encourage the evaporation at a quicker rate. With the moisture being spread it creates a cooling effect which keeps our feet cool in warm weather.

    Here are some styles with the Xpress Cool Lining:

    rgnt-000_HERO csct-stl_Angle 3 wd2-moct_HERO frmc-000_HERO

    Fleece Liner

    The fleece Liner is found in styles that are for cold weather. Generally, the boots with the comfort rating of -60, -40, -20 are going to have the warm fleece lining in them. Soft comfort yet durable for being on your feet all day. This is the perfect boot liner for cold temperatures.

    Here are some styles with the Fleece Liner:

    acp-stl_HERO aem-000_HERO aep-900_HERO as2m-501_HERO

    PK Mesh Liner

    The PK Mesh liner is a woven polyester honeycomb mesh. This material is commonly used in sports clothing to wick sweat away from the skin. The liner acts as a climate control mechanism for your body through a reduction of moisture and an increase in circulation.

    The mesh liner is for breath-ability, also makes things more lightweight. That way, the inner layer isn't as dense, and still allows moisture, heat, etc, to breathe through the outer layers.

    Some styles with the PK Mesh Liner are:

    haw-4pld_HERO kbh-300_HERO WDC-INF_Angle 3 wwpk-rapg_HERO


    Airmesh Liner

    Similar to the PK Mesh lining however, this lining has thousands of tiny vertical fibers to allow air to circulate throughout the interior surface. Humidity and perspiration are wicked away giving added comfort thorough out the day.

    Styles with the Airmesh Liner:

    chh-000a_HERO ew2m-333t_HERO tk2h-500_HEROm2aw-300_HERO

    Happy Shopping!

  • Best Hunting Boots 2016:

    As fall quickly approaches we know you are anxiously waiting for hunting season to start. Preparation has begun and plans are in place.

    In honor of one of the oldest pastimes we are putting a fresh spin on style in the Hunting world. Hunting may date back to the beginning of time but that doesn’t mean you can’t have modern luxuries when it comes to comfort.

    This year we are rolling out the Top 5 Hunting Boots for Fall/Winter 2016

    1.The Pursuit Shadow Pull On

    With a comfort rating of -40 -40 Fahrenheit this boot is sure you keep you toasty through the chilly days of hunting. It comes in Realtree Xtra Camo and has a forefoot support cage for stability. This boot was made for the Hunter who is in Pursuit!

    psu-rtx_Angle 3


    2. Woody Plus

    With a comfort rating of -40 -40 Fahrenheit this top of the line hunting boot is a necessity for the big game hunters who are up for a challenge. With fleece lining and scent blocking exterior you are ready to catch that Daylight Walker!

    woody plus


    3.  Woody Max

    Whether you’re glassing from the killin stand or doing the All day sit these boots have what you need to keep you warm and comfortable. With a comfort rating of -40 -40 Fahrenheit the warm fleece lining this boot has been the hunters choice for over a decade.

    wdm-mobu_Angle 3


    4. Woody Grit

    Made for a comfort range of 25-65 degrees Fahrenheit this is an all-terrain hunting boot that has a great grip on wet surfaces. Don’t get “busted” in the midst of a slip and fall in these tough boots.

    WDC-INF_Angle 3


    5. Pursuit Supreme

    This boot is loaded with features! From the easy grip opening and the warm fleece lining to the optimal flex points, and it doesn’t stop there. Whether you’re a Run-N-Gun hunter or a still hunter this boot is sure to have you suited, booted and ready for the hunt!

    psf-inft_Angle 3


    Happy Hunting!




  • purple muck boots

    Looking for purple muck boots? You're in luck! carries a large selection of women and kid's muck boots in purple and other fun color combinations. Whether you need something for a rainy day or hiking through 8" of snow - we got you covered.

    Here are a few of the purple colors we offer:

    • Purple-Floral
    • Purple-gingham
    • Purple-Plaid
    • Purple-Black
    • Purple-Lavender
    • Purple-Green

    Popular Kid's Styles:


    Arctic Adventure: This is a cold conditions boot which is lined with a layer of 4mm of CR flex foam and fleece. This boot is an extremely lightweight, comfortable and it's rubber cup sole offers great traction in a variety of conditions.




    Kid's Hale: The Kid's purple hale is a fun muck boot with bright colors and a wrap around sole that gives great stability for your child. The hale is easy to to put on and remove and provides comfort for three seasons in most climates.



    Popular Women's Styles:



    Women's Arctic Sport II Mid: The warmest purple muck boot is designed for the coldest conditions in the hemisphere. The Arctic Sport II features 5mm of CR Flex-foam backed with a fleece liner and highly slip-resistant outsole.




    Breezy Cool Ballet Flat Prints: These ballet flat's come in a variety of prints and colors. They allow you achieve a stylish look while keeping your feet dry by it's XpressCool lining which lets moisture wick away while providing a waterproof barrier to keep your feet feeling dry.


  • Camo Muck boots


    Are you looking for a large selection of Camo muckboots? You're in luck! carries a large selection of camo muck boots in a variety of patterns and styles. Whether you are looking for use during your next hunting trip or just to wear around the house, we got you covered. We carry insulated, non-insulated, low cut, mid cut, and high cut muck boots so you can get the pair that fits your exact needs and requirements.

    Camo Boot Product Highlight:

    Excursion Pro Mid:

    The excursion pro is a very versatile outdoor boot that features a 9" height which provides a nice intermediary between a low-cut and mid-length boots. The moisture-wicking lining ensures your feet stay dry and comfortable all day long. The excursion pro also features a long lasting rubber pod EVA outsole which gives you excellent traction and is resistant to oils, mud and chemicals.

    Here are just a few of the camo color combinations we carry:

    • Bark/Mossy Oak
    • Bark/Realtree APG/ Hot Pink
    • Brown/Hot Leaf
    • Brown/ Mossy Oak
    • Black/ Muddy Girl
    • Brown/Pink Realtree
    • Brown/Realtree Xtra
    • Mossy Oak Break-Up
    • Mossy Oak Country
    • Pink Realtree APG
    • Realtree Xtra
    • Realtree APG
    • & many more!
  • Insulated muck boots


    Are you looking for Insulated muck boots? Here at we carry a large selection of insulated work boots designed for work, hunting, and pleasure. While many boot manufacturers typically refer to warmer boots by the amount of "thinsulate" they have, Muck Boots use insulating foam and have boots rated down to an astonishing -60 degrees F.

    We carry a large selection of styles for both men, women and children that are ideal for your desired temperature needs. In addition to being insulated, they are also waterproof so you feet will stay dry and comfortable no matter what conditions are you are in.

    We break down our boots into the following temperature classes:

    Extreme Cold Product Spotlight:

    The arctic pro is the warmest Muck Boot made and is a very popular choice for Antarctic hunters, ice fisherman, and extreme cold climate residents. The Arctic pro sports 8mm of CR flex foam insulation warm your ankle and leg while the 2mm insulated foam sole keep your feet nice and toasty. Combine the heavy insulation with the super-aggressive Bob-tracker outsole and you got yourself the ideal boot for super cold weather conditions.


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