Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Shoe Fit

What's so great about Muck Boots?

Muck Boot brand products go "Beyond Waterproof" by keeping your feet warm, dry and protected in harsh weather and messy working conditions. The secret to Muck Boots' effectiveness is the exclusive self-insulating, waterproof CR-Foam inner boot construction. The CR-foam material acts as a "neutral medium" between inside and outside temperatures. As a result, the foot and lower leg stay warm and protected in cold and wet conditions. The material is also naturally lightweight, buoyant and very comfortable.

Muck Boot brand shoes and boots also come equipped with a comfortable 6mm removable Nitracel-EVA insole. The combination of 5mm CR-foam and 6mm Nitracel EVA provide excellent comfort and protection in extreme cold conditions.

The natural rubber overlays covering the external base also serve as a protective skin for the upper bootie. The upper is triple reinforced in the toe area and quadruple reinforced in the heel area. The outsole is made of high-abrasion natural rubber. The rubber used to make Muck Boot™-brand footwear will stay flexible for years and will not cold-crack like boots and shoes made of PVC and TPR materials. (P=Plastic)

(Note: CR-foam material is typically used to make "dry suits" and survival suits for maritime use. This material is proven to provide excellent protection in cold, wet and muddy conditions. Please exercise caution when venturing out for long periods in freezing cold temperatures.)

How are Muck Boots sized?

Muck Boots generally come in whole sizes only and are made to standard US sizes for men and women. Customers should simply select Muck Boot products based on their standard "athletic" shoe size. Please check the size label inside your most recent pair of athletic shoes prior to ordering or purchasing a pair of Muck Boots.

For boots: Order based on your athletic shoe size. If you wear a half-size, go down to the next whole size in boots only.

For example: A men's 9.5 would order a size 9 boot. A women's 9.5 would order a size 9 boot.

For shoes, order based on your athletic shoe size. If you wear a half-size athletic shoe, men move up to the next whole size while women move down to the next whole size.

For example: A men's 9.5 would order a size 10 shoe. A women's 9.5 would order a size 9 shoe.

Best fit can be achieved by wearing a medium-weight athletic sock. For use with ski socks, fleece or heavy wool socks, select the next size up. Orthotics and molded sockliners can be used with Muck Boots™.

Do Muck Boots come in wide widths?
Yes. Muck Boots are made to standard widths but the materials will stretch comfortably to fit widths up to a EEE. For widths EE and up, we recommend going up to the next whole size. Please note that sizing and comfort level varies due to width and thickness of feet. Please use this as a guide while taking into account personal preference and experience. We cannot guarantee this information provides an accurate measurement for all feet.

Care and Maintenance

How do I clean my Muck Boots?
The rubber shell and nylon upper are very durable and clean up easily with a spray of water or gentle scrubbing with soap and water. The rubber upper can also be conditioned with wax polish, Armorall or liquid detergent. It is not recommended to use conditioners on the outsole areas. This may cause the outsole to become slick in wet or icy conditions.
Can the rubber be repaired if punctured?
Yes. The natural rubber can be repaired with sealant found in local hardware stores. We recommend using Goop-brand Marine sealant. First, clean the punctured area thoroughly with mineral spirits. Apply the sealant over the affected area and wipe to a thin film. The sealant should air dry for at least 24 hours.
How do Muck Boots™ rate against Thinsulate™ and/or Gore-Tex®?
Thinsulate™ is made by 3M Company and is used in work boots and hiking shoes to resist cold temperatures. Thinsulate™ is typically laminated to the whole shoe lining or glued into the toe area of a shoe or boot. Thinsulate™ is not a waterproof material. Gore-Tex® is a breathable, waterproof membrane but it is not an insulating material. Gore-Tex® linings are typically used in premium leather footwear and foul-weather apparel. With Muck Boots™, the CR-foam is both waterproof and self-insulating. Muck Boot™ materials exceed the long-term effectiveness of waterproof membrane materials and provide greater insulating properties than all non-specialty temperature-control substrates.